Claims Assistance

Claims Assistance

It’s always reassuring to know you have insurance. But without the right team on your side, tapping into that coverage can be stressful. That’s why our goal is to make your life easier and help save you money, wherever possible. We do this in a variety of ways, depending on the type of loss you’ve experienced. Here are some core elements built into our claim’s services:

Claim filing

We can help you locate and complete any required claims forms. Amid a crisis, you may not have your policy number handy. You may not have the wherewithal to navigate a complicated self-service menu. Let us connect you directly to the people and information you need.

Advocacy in Claims Adjuster Interactions

Once your claim is filed, an adjuster from your insurance company will take the lead in investigating and settling the loss. However, our team stays on hand during this phase of the process. We schedule follow-ups to ensure your adjuster has been in touch and is actively working toward a resolution. When settlement issues or delays arise, we will go to bat for you.

Closing Out Insurance Claims

A wise person once said, “the only good claim is a closed claim.” In business, this is especially true. If you have open files collecting dust, you’ve also got reserve amounts showing up on your loss runs, affecting your experience mod, which in turn affects next year’s premium. Essentially, adjusters who aren’t expediting your claims are costing you money. We make it our job to move claims along as quickly as possible.

Loss Control Services

Business owners are often told their insurance program comes with “loss control services.” But what does that actually mean? And what are these services worth? Turns out, if an agency doesn’t have the time or the people to dig in and do the legwork, loss control doesn’t mean very much.

At DTLA Benefits, our Claims Department will continually review your losses, looking for patterns and trends that can be corrected. We’ll ensure you’re connected to your carrier’s vast resources for employee training, safety materials, new hire onboarding, fleet management, etc. We can even weigh in on who are the ideal people to hire and retain, based on our unique access.

Annual Claims Reviews

We will thoroughly plan for your renewals with a mid-policy review that includes:

  • Loss Run & Medical Bill Review
  • Reserve Reduction Strategy (for any open claims)
  • Loss Trend Analysis (to identify loss avoidance opportunities)
  • Experience Mod Calculation, Analysis & Forecasting
  • Aggravated Equity Filing (as needed)

Taking care of the people who care for your business

We partner directly with insurance providers to give your team access to top-notch benefits at affordable prices. Better yet, your employees can easily enroll and manage their coverage selections online. We’ll even handle their questions for you 24/7, forever.

Did you know 61% of employees rank health benefits as one of their top-three factors for a job search? Help meet your employees’ needs and bring in top talent with supplemental coverage at no direct cost to you.

DTLA Benefits is here to help build a stronger, more stable workforce.

Make your benefits package better with DTLA Benefits supplemental insurance. From meeting employee needs to maintaining productivity, offering quality coverage sets your business up for success.

Support employees
Enhance your overall benefits package.
Add flexibility
Off additional supplemental benefits options without employer contribution.
Pay benefits
Provide workers with cash benefits to help pay rising out-of-pocket medical expenses.
Help protect productivity
Maintain employee focus and productivity by helping with financial stress and anxiety.

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