Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Running a business comes with its fair share of risks, and it’s important to protect your assets should these risks be realized. DTLA Benefits is the commercial insurance company Los Angeles and California businesses can rely on for trustworthy insurance coverage. Whether an employee is injured on the job, a natural disaster hits your area, or a client files a lawsuit, DTLA Benefits has you covered.

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DTLA Benefits is the California insurance agency small businesses trust to provide comprehensive business protection at competitive rates. We offer a wide range of solutions to protect your business including:

  • General Liability: Our general liability insurance protects your business from claims such as personal injury, property damage, and liable. This coverage also assists with medical expenses, fines, legal defense fees, court costs, legal damages, repairs costs, replacement costs, and more.
  • Property: Our commercial property insurance covers any losses to your company’s physical location that have occurred due to fire, theft, flooding, and natural disasters. This includes damages to your equipment, building, furniture, inventory, landscaping, outdoor signs, and more.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Accidents happen, and it’s important to be prepared for when they do. At DTLA Benefits, we understand that workers’ compensation insurance is often one of the biggest insurance expenses business owners faces. We’ll work with you to help you find the right workers’ compensation coverage for your business to keep you from paying for extra expenses you don’t need.

DTLA Benefits also offers commercial auto insurance, business owners’ insurance, inland marine insurance, and other options to keep your business secure.

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    Why does my business need commercial insurance?

    There are inherent risks to running a business. Those risks may seem far away if your business is new to the industry or if your business has under 50 employees. However, accidents happen and it’s best to be prepared for when they do rather than if they do.

    DTLA Benefits has been providing commercial insurance coverage to businesses in southern California for decades. We understand how businesses can be impacted by the unexpected and why it’s important to keep your assets secure. Some of the most common commercial insurance claims we’ve seen include:

    • Burglary and theft: Burglary and theft is the most common commercial insurance claim filed by business owners. Theft can happen anywhere, even if your business is completely online. Angry customers, criminals, or employees may steal items or invoices when you least expect it.
    • Customer injury: Your business is vulnerable to lawsuits when it comes to customer injury if you have a brick-and-mortar store or place of business. All it takes is one customer or member of the public slipping and falling on your property for a lawsuit to begin. Commercial insurance coverage protects your business from legal fees should an accident insurance claim be made.
    • Fire: Fires happen more often than you think, and the aftermath can be costly if you’re not covered. Not only can fires cause significant property damage but they can also destroy important documents and data.

    What does commercial insurance cover?

    Commercial insurance is vital for businesses to keep their employees and their assets safe and secure. DTLA Benefits commercial insurance is designed to cover property damage, lawsuits, errors in your advertising, and more. Without commercial insurance coverage, the costs of damage claims can build up against your business and hurt both your finances and your brand reputation.

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