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As a leading insurance and benefits enrollment firm, we specialize in elevating the services insurance brokers provide to their clients. By partnering with us, brokers can offer simplified benefit enrollments, turning a complex process into an advantage for their clients.

Convenient and Accurate

Workplace | Schools and Universities

Convenient testing delivery, accurate self-swab test kits, and timely reporting make the DTLA Benefits Powered by Inspire Diagnostics program the easiest and most effective way for education administrators to bring COVID-19 testing to their academic communities.

Testing is easy, quick, and reliable! We provide a comfortable and accurate testing experience and will assist you every step of the way.

All that is offered includes:

  • A portfolio of the latest COVID-19 tests including molecular tests supported by high throughput, CLIA certified labs and rapid point of care tests.
  • An end-to-end data platform that securely manages testing logistics and results reporting.
  • Convenient program management and local, on-site delivery of testing services.
Covid testing in schools

Keeping Our Schools, Businesses and Communities Safe

DTLA Benefits Powered by Inspire Diagnostics provides a reliable and efficient way to ensure a safe return to campus this spring.

  • 24-Hour Results: 99% accurate results in less than 24 hours.
  • Concierge Services: Supporting you with registration, testing, results and more!
  • Portals to View Results: Stay up to date with results.
  • Site Testing: We come to you!

To learn more please contact Tara Reynolds, Director for School and University Testing, at Dora@DTLABenefits.com or 760-994-9367.


DTLA Benefits Powered by Inspire Diagnostics offers a technology-driven COVID-19 testing solution that allows employers to identify, control and mitigate the risk of workplace transmissions.

Currently, DTLA Benefits Powered by Inspire Diagnostics delivers on-site testing solutions at workplaces across the country – giving employers the confidence they need to bring people back to a physical location. An end-to-end data platform designed with integrated workflows for easy test delivery and active workplace health monitoring helps protect your organization. With personal consent and HIPAA-compliant authorizations in place, test results can be provided only to the employee or integrated into the employer’s workforce health protocols.

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