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No-Cost Enrollment Services

As a leading insurance and benefits enrollment firm, we specialize in elevating the services insurance brokers provide to their clients. By partnering with us, brokers can offer simplified benefit enrollments, turning a complex process into an advantage for their clients.

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Why choose us?

Our full-service benefits administration supports you in managing your clients’ employee benefits administration, education, and insurance enrollment needs seamlessly.

  • No-Cost Enrollment Solutions for Insurance Brokers
    • No-cost, efficient enrollment services to simplify client offerings.
  • Platform & Payroll Integrations
    • Expertise in a wide range of benefit enrollment platforms.
    • Easy voluntary benefits integration with clients’ existing systems.
  • In-Person & Remote Enrollment Support
    • On-site education and enrollment through professional and friendly benefits counselors.
    • Services include group meetings, one-on-ones, and webinars and phone enrollment for remote employees.
  • Comprehensive Enrollment Process
    • Three-stage approach: Plan, Engage, Enroll.Communication campaigns for clear enrollment details and maximum participation.One-on-one consultations with licensed benefits counselors for personalized advice.Highly qualified, bilingual benefits counselors for diverse employee populations.Scalable services for any client size, from small businesses to large corporations.
    • Continuous support throughout the year, beyond the enrollment period.
Latin woman is in front of a group of employees training them on the their benefits options. A young man is raising his hand.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly Qualified Benefits Counselors: Rigorous training and multilingual capabilities ensure that every employee receives the best advice and support.
  • Flexibility for Any Size: Our services scale to meet the needs of any client, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • Continuous Support: Beyond enrollment, our counselors offer year-round support, making us a true extension of your client services.

By partnering with us, brokers can enhance their service offerings, streamline enrollment processes for their clients, and ensure every employee makes informed benefits decisions. Let’s simplify the complexity of benefits together.

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